Design. Hack. Build. Launch apps and websites whilst on a moving train! Jump aboard The HackTrain hackathon this 9th to 11th of November!

2 trains, 2 routes, 80 innovators. The HackTrain Hackathon is a unique and immersive 48-hour technology marathon where the most elite developers, designers, entrepreneurs and policymakers come together from all over the world to disrupt the transport industry whilst on a first class journey around the UK & Europe! Teams of innovators are formed on day 1 to build prototypes in the form of apps, websites and software within 48 hours to pitch back to the industry!

This will be our 7th hackathon in the HackTrain series, having taken our participants to York, Sheffield, Manchester, Paris, Lyon, Hong Kong, Berlin and more! Teams will take on a challenge, set by industry stakeholders, which will come with associated data sets.

For more awesome details of our hackathon, check out!


Individuals from all over the world may apply. Minimum age of 18 as we are traveling around Europe. Travel reimbursements are very limited and only go up to £50 so please make sure you can make it to London for the hackathon. 


Please submit:

  1. Github link to code with latest commit by 1:30 pm on Sunday for code review
  2. Demo video
  3. Paragraph on your idea (~300 words)
  4. Pitch deck

Your team will pitch to the judges on the Sunday for 4 minutes with 2 minutes Q&A.

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£9,960 in prizes

Travel Voucher (8)

Nintendo Switch (8)

Echo Plus 2nd Gen + Hue Light Bulb (8)

Individual Prizes (8)

Best Hackathon Spirit
Best Developer
Best Designer
Best Entrepreneur

SilverRail Challenge Bounty

If you choose to take on the mighty SilverRail challenge and satisfy the SilverRail mentors with your solution, you will bring home the SilverRail Bounty. Please note that T&Cs apply.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:

How to enter

This is an invite-only hackathon. Simply apply at for an invitation! We aim to get back to you as soon as we receive the application! :) The hackathon is limited to 80 places so we have to go through an application process to make sure we get the very best! No last minute cancellations as all train tickets will be under your name. 


François Le Doze

François Le Doze

Dan Biggs

Dan Biggs
Network Rail

David Smith

David Smith
Network Rail

Gavin James

Gavin James

Judging Criteria

  • Impactful (15%)
    How would this MVP impact the transport industry in the UK? Is it a game changer? Could this MVP be deployed industry wide?
  • MVP/Prototype (50%)
    Business: Does the MVP express well their solution for the problem? Would people use it? Technical: Does the project meet its goals? Can it be used by everyone? Does it work properly? Does it have enough working features?
  • Pitch/Presentation (10%)
    Was the idea well delivered? Did the team convince you about how awesome their project is? This is about rating the quality of the presentation in the perspective of an investor/expert.
  • Design (25%)
    How well has the product been designed from a user experience perspective? Does it flow well? Is it simple and easy to understand? Is the user interface modern and practical?

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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